Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Living the Vision

Last month, I learned to hold a vision that I wasn’t sure was a reality.  To my surprise, the images I inserted into my brain every time I panicked about Jax’s astronomically high ALP levels BECAME our reality.  Doctors can’t explain what happened, but I know what happened.  Yes, it might sound new age or hokey, but I am a true believer that thoughts become things now.  Group visualization is a powerful tool and it is one that I wish I had internalized years ago.  Thank you to everyone who helped holds our vision when we were weak or tired.    

Last weekend, we lived our vision!  We went camping in Carpinteria with 19 other children and their families.  Our acceptance into the Wolf Pack, as they choose to be called, delivered us onto a sandy beach that bordered a large, grassy field.  The rear of the field boasted a unique, semi-enclosed playground.  Across the street, a line formed in front of a popular burger shack.  In short, it was paradise.  The weather was perfect, there were children (or cubs, if you will) running around everywhere, and the beach was a five-minute walk over a nearby sand dune.    

Jackson went in the ocean for the first time (on his own terms of course, there is no persuading a Gemini!), squealing with joy until he turned blue with cold.  He also got to see his very first movie, projected on a huge screen in the field behind our campsite.  He sat for a few minutes, and then said excitedly, “There’s a fireplace over there!”  We learned some great new words like "campfire" and "s'mores" while cuddled in my pink camping chair.  He fell asleep that first night wrapped in my arms in front of the roaring fire, stuffing himself with marshmallows.  I think he outlasted all of the other children, and he had been up since 5:00am with only a 15-minute nap in the car.  (The benefits of being a Rooster Club member and head Party Animal, I presume!)

I loved the communal, tribal feeling of being with such a large group.  Everywhere Jax went, at least two little girls followed, holding his hand, tickling him, and feeding him snacks.  So many chairs surrounded the campfire at night that I couldn’t count them all.  We had a seemingly endless supply of drinks, snacks, and good company. 

Waking up super early was no chore at all when we had an ocean and a playground to walk to, friends to visit with, and best of all, the mint green garbage truck to watch as it dumped cans and dumpsters.  Jackson was overjoyed, to say the least. 

Several times during our paradise weekend, I had to stop and say, “Happy, thank you, more please!”  (This phrase is also the title of a movie I have been meaning to watch).  The euphoria I felt continued when we arrived back home, chock full of happy memories, stronger bonds, and inspiration. 

We can’t wait for next year!   

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