Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Trashy Party

Where have I been?  Following a truly exhausting marathon camping experience in Yosemite, 23 loads of laundry, and three sleepless weeks of enduring another round of teething, I am proud to say that I single-handedly threw Jax the bestest Garbage Truck Party ever!

For those of you who have kids that love the garbage truck, you are well aware that there are no "Garbage Truck" themed party supplies.  I discovered this upon return from the Camping Trip from Hell (hereafter designated as CTH), and promptly went nuts searching blogs and easy for ideas.  Luckily, I found some!

I ordered the cutest invites from a gal on Etsy.  It was a single download that I had copied and cut at Office Depot.  They ended up being cheaper than purchasing store-bought invites, and of course as you know, there are no gaga tuck invitations.  Here is a link to the Etsy store I used for the invites:

Garbage Truck Party Invitation

I did a few things for decorations.  I collected clean trash for a few weeks before the party, and then we used a drill and some twine to make it into a Trash Garland:

I also made some cardboard signs:  The Junk Yard was our food table which had lots of Junk Food, of course!
 Yum, Waste Water!
 Jackson's "Dump" was the present table:
I had one activity other than the party-adjacent playground:  SMASH THE TRASH!  I must have called upon my inner preschool teacher for this one.  We had some leftover bubble wrap from my brother's move so I taped some clean, flat trash underneath and let the kiddos smash away.  Kids love bubble wrap.  (We should have wrapped my husband in it, but that is a story for another day).  

For favors, I ordered some of those mini trash grabbers from Amazon and little mini trash cans from Oriental Trading Company.  I stuck a gummy "bug" inside each trash can toy.  Then, I wrapped the favors in black dog poop bags so they would look like real trash, and topped them off by tying with a twist tie.  Then, I housed them in a "Recycling Center!"
 I ordered these super cute cake toppers from Toadally Cute, a seller on Etsy.  They turned out fabulous!

I colored some garbage truck pictures to stick on our tables and then we let the fun begin!  The kids all had a great time, until about 12:30pm, when everyone under the age of 5 either pooped or pooped out.  I managed to get Jax down for his nap by 1:30pm.  All in all, it was a stupendouly trashy time!

Thanks to our amazing friends and family, we are the proud owners of a FLEET of gaga tucks.  I think we own 11 now.  That is my life.  (We also run out of the house screaming with joy three times very Tuesday morning when the Gaga Tucks come.  I think the Garbage Man in our town worries that I am a weird Trash Stalker.  The Gaga Tuck drivers have been looking a little concerned lately).  Again, stories for another day!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, gaga tuck loving son, Jackson!

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